Union Town

Union Town is the fifth invasion site in the first game.


In this area, Crypto crash-landed his Saucer in a military base and was put in a cage and held captive in a Majestic laboratory. He escaped as soon as he woke up (by using PK on the release switch or hypnotizing the scientist). He kills the people imprisoning him and found his weapons. He scans human minds to find out how to get to his Saucer and learns of a marine barge he can use to get to the island, or if he kills the humans, Pox will detect his jetpack and signals from the Saucer that Crypto can use to get there.

He eventually found the Saucer on a crane magnet. Crypto lowered it by either destroying the crane, or hypnotizing the crane operator. He found that the power cells to the ship were missing. Crypto reclaimed his jetpack (if the player chose to scan the humans and not kill them) and easily tracked them down and then, he used the Saucer to destroy the Majestic fort.

Later, Crypto infiltrates a meeting between Armquist and the Joint Chiefs of the U.S. His orders are to unite them under the Majestic, and against the Furons. Crypto follows his transport to their location. When he gets there, he hypnotizes the Navy leader to make him sleep, and takes his form to infiltrate the meeting. He discredits the incidents that happened days ago, the kidnapping of Miss Rockwell and the destruction of the fairground, and the nuclear detonation at Area 42, to convince the generals that there is no threat. Once that was done, Crypto reveals himself and tries to kill Armquist. He runs away and comes back with a big power suit. They both fight each other, and Crypto manages to destroy his suit. Crypto stands above Armquist and lies about how ridiculous this war is and they wanted peace with the human race. Also, that they were scared of them as they were of the Furons, and that "deep in their hearts", they wanted to be just like the humans. Armquist believes him in that moment, then Crypto disintegrates him mercilessly and calls him a pathetic human.


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