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Turnipseed Farm

Turnipseed Farm is the first area that Crypto visits in the first game. 


This area belongs to Harold and Martha Turnipseed. Crypto visits this place and mutilates 6 cows and then kills Harold making him the first human to die in the series.

Martha then calls the police, at which time Crypto destroys the farmhands. When the police arrive and investigate his Saucer. He kills the cops and (if the player chooses to) Martha, andwith the Saucer, destroys the human dwellings. Later, a military infantry unit enters the farm and attempts to stop Crypto, which they fail to do.

After that, a black sedan arrives on the scene. Two figures dressed in black are surprised to see that "the best infantry unit in the U.S. Army" has been wiped out by Crypto. They are now aware of him and will stop at nothing to end his plans.

After this mission, the player can roam about the area as he/she pleases.