Sunnywood is the second area featured in Path of the Furon. It is a parody of the real life Hollywood/Los Angeles, California. 


Crypto and Pox hid in Sunnywood to figure out who sent the Nexos to attack his casino. They assume Curt Calvin, leader of the Lunarian Church of Alientology, and they think him to be another Furon DNA gatherer on Earth.

To draw him out, they attract the attention of a reporter on the supernatural, Veronica Stone. But, she has been kidnapped by the Lunarians. Luckily, Crypto was able to rescue her and he enlists her help, who knows someone on the inside called Deep Navel.

Deep Navel agrees to help Crypto get to Curt Calvin, if he does a few favors for him. He has Crypto force a scientist named James Grandee to publicly admit that he believes in aliens, make a movie that glorifies aliens, and destroy $1 billion worth of property in Sunnywood.

Unfortunately, Deep Navel double-crosses him, because his favors made him Calvin's right-hand man. But, they also made Calvin easy to draw out by staging an "alien arrival" at the Sunnywood Bowl. Once the word has been spread, Crypto reveals himself to Calvin and forces him at gunpoint to reveal his Furon form, then a Nexo Walker steps on him and attacks Crypto and the Bowl. Crypto manages to kill it, but he gets shot with a tranquilizing dart and gets dragged to Shen Long.


Sunnywood Hotel - The place where crypto starts in the game.

Sunnywood Sign - The city's main landmark.

Sunnywood Shores -The city's beach.

Francodyne Nuclear Plant - The Nuclear power plant in Sunnywood where Crypto have to destroy to lure James Grandee out. Later mentioned in Belleville.

Sunnywood University - The city's college.

Sunnywood Bowl - The city Concert where Crypto lured Calvin out and where he fight the first Nexo Walker.

Hilly Hills - A residential community.

Studio 51 - A dance club where Crypto meets the producer and directer of Bodymorphers disquised as Tony the Dance King.

Sunnywood Hospital - A hospital

Typewarners Studios - A movie studio which Crypto destroys to cripple production of Invasion of the Bodymorphers, so the producer will have no choice but to make his movie.

Gruaman's Chinese Theater - The theater of Sunnywood.

Capital Records Building - The circurlar building next to Gruaman's Chinese Theater.

Bank of Sunnywood - The blue building the second tallest. The Furons rob the ATMs there to gain the money to finance their movie.

Sunywood Post Office and Bank - The place where Crypto robbed an ATM to make a movie.

Sunnywood Tower - The tallest building in the city.


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