Saxon is a previous student of The Master who has turned from his discipleship. He rides a dragon with a Nexo appearance.  


Saxon used to be a student of The Master, until he was corrupted by power. He left the Master and leads a triad called the White Dragon Kung Fu Society. The Master instructs Crypto to hold a tournament to draw Saxon out, however Crypto arrives back at the monastery where he witnesses Saxon kill the Master. Enraged, Crypto tracks down and confronts Saxon, who tries to destroy Crypto with his dragon. Crypto interrogates the villain at gunpoint when Nexos show up but Saxon dies in the confusion, and Crypto escapes destroying the barge.


Saxon is a human who wears a yellow jumpsuit made of silk. A notable feature of his is that he is a Caucasian, in sharp contrast to his men.


Saxon rides a Nexo dragon that flies, shoots missiles, and breathes fire. While it's scales are glowing, it is impervious to attacks. It can be made vulnerable for a few moments if Crypto uses the Temporal Fist to redirect its own missiles using PK. During this time, it will be temporarily vulnerable to Crypto's arsenal.



  • His name is a reference to John Saxon from Enter the Dragon and Harold Saxon from Doctor Who (who was an alias of the Doctor's enemy known as The Master, another named character in the game).
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