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Rockwell is a small Midwestern town in the first Destroy All Humans! game. Pox mistook this town for Roswell, New Mexico.


On Crypto's first mission into town, Crypto infiltrates the local fair and hypnotizes Miss Rockwell into walking into the Saucer for probing. Shortly after she reaches the Saucer, the police arrive. Crypto then completely destroyed the whole fairground, which was blamed on a freak storm.

On his next mission, Crypto discovers scientists who have created radiactive cows that explode when thrown. Using this method, Crypto kills the scientists. Then, he impersonates the Mayor (after putting him to sleep) and convinces the citizens of Rockwell that nothing unusual is going on. It is also during this mission that Crypto learns of the town of Santa Modesta.

On his last mission in this area, he stops yet another Majestic mind control experiment, involving drive-in movies. Crypto then broadcasts his own film, made by Pox, to bend the wills of the moviegoers to his side instead. It was during this mission, Crypto caught his first glimpse of Silhouette.

The town is a parody of the Midwestern United States. The time here is early nightfall.



  • Near the first landing zone, there's a sign that reads "Santa Modesta, 180 miles".
  • Sometimes, whenever Crypto dies, the newspaper still says "creature found in woods".
  • Near the bridge, left of the fair, there is a sign (although difficult to spot) that says "Blackberry Hill".
  • In the Salad Days commentary of Destroy All Humans!, Pox claims that the town later got interested in alien culture. This is a reference to the real life Roswell, which has also developed an alien culture.