The Roboprez is a Majestic mech, appearing only in the first Destroy All Humans! game.



The Roboprez was built as a the ultimate weapon of the United States at the time of Crypto's arrival on Earth. The mech itself has a far more sleek design when compared to the Army's standard mecha, and towers above them. At the top of the Roboprez sits the brain of President Huffman, the mech's pilot.


The Roboprez is strong enough to use stomp attacks, though his main attack is launching several homing missiles from his hands. If the enemy gets too close, the Roboprez will fire a green beam from his chest. If Crypto gets too close on foot he can die in one or two hits.


The Roboprez made his debut when called upon by Silhouette to kill Crypto at Capitol City, supported by the city's armed forces. The mech fled towards several monuments as he took damage, fighting near the U.S. Capitol, the Supreme Court, the Lincoln Memorial, and finally the White House. The Robo-Prez, along with Huffman, went offline after getting destroyed by Crypto.