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The Quantum Deconstructor

The Quantum Deconstructor is the most powerful weapon in the Saucer's arsenal and in the whole game series.


The Quantum Deconstructor is the most destructive weapon in the Saucer. It launches a green-colored projectile and when it hits, the blast wave it causes destroys everything in its radius. All of the people, objects, and buildings that are caught in the wave are instantly destroyed.

It is incredibly powerful even without upgrades. Upgrades for this weapon mostly consist of more ammo or a bigger radius. This weapon is the only non-standard one to have been featured in all four games. In the third game, this weapon can now recharge on its own and in the fourth, it can now be manually charged for custom-sized blasts.


  • In the beginning of Destroy All Humans!, Pox warns that if the Police were to get their hands on his Quantum Deconstructor, they could "rip a hole in the space-time continuum". This was just a throwaway explanation to entertain the player.