Psi mutantjpg

Crypto fighting a Psi-Mutant

The Psi-Mutants are Majestic Agents who have learned to harness the psychic powers in their Furon DNA. Voiced by Steve Blum.


The Psi-Mutants were being researched at Area 42 until Crypto destroyed them, the research center, and all the information about the mutants.

Although their psychic power level is nothing compared to a true Furon, they've been trained to use them more skillfully. They can project psychic blasts and ground waves that hurt Crypto and drain his concentration. They can also erect shields over themselves for a short time.



  • The mutants seem to be extremely unintelligent, presumably from the effects of the Furon DNA in their bodies. It is also worth mentioning their lack of hair and throbbing veins may also be this.
  • Psi-Mutants give the highest amount of DNA if the player extracts it fresh while they are still alive.