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      Mr. Pork is the owner of Fantasy Atoll.



Mr. Pork has a large manservant, Ratpoo, and an army of soldiers at his disposal. He owns the Hate Boat, a large war machine.

He also has a mystical medallion, which was forged in the island volcano, that protects him from Furon weapons, Psychokinesis, and it controls the power of the volcano on Fantasy Atoll.


When Mr. Pork is found by Crypto and Pox, they try to get him to tell them where Colonel Kluckin is. But their mission is put on hold, because Pork promised Pox a new body. This was all a ruse to get rid of both of them for Kluckin.

They survived, and vengeful, they destroy his mansion and use his manservant, Ratpoo to throw him into the volcano. But Pork survives and attacks Crypto in the Hate Boat. Crypto destroys it and Pork once and for all.


  • Mr. Pork is a parody of Mr. Roarke from Fantasy Island, also his bodygard, Ratpoo is based off of Tattoo.