The Molinari Brothers are two brothers who are part of the Mob in Las Paradiso. They are Mikey and Vinnie Molinari.


Mikey Molinari is the head of the mob family that Crypto is at war with, believing that Crypto plans to make a family-themed casino in order to draw in customers. He is in charge of the Nero's Palazzo casino and is the one who declares war on the Space Dust. Mikey refers to Crypto as "space midget" and neither realize that Crypto is a real alien.

His brother Vinnie carries a bat with him, smokes cigars and he is overweight and he is known to of insulted Pox's weaponry in front of Crypto, leading to the angered alien to fire a very mild but none to less painful Anal Probe into the human's pants.


The Molinaris send a spy to infiltrate the Space Dust, thinking that Crypto is opening a family-themed casino to draw in customers. He discovers this and finds Mobsters prepared to "whack" him, but he destroys them all. He also destroys the Nero's Palazzo, forcing Mikey to declare war on the Space Dust.

Crypto cuts them off from the mob family, destroys their assets and businesses, and takes control of Paradiso. Both of them perish in their casino, the Nero's Palazzo, when Crypto is ordered by Pox to level Las Paradiso to escape the Nexos.

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