Martha Turnipseed is the wife of Harold Turnipseed, the owner of Turnipseed Farm.


She witnesses Crypto killing her husband after going outside to alert her husband of a talking horse on the television. A short time later, the local Police come after being alerted by Martha's neighbours, whom Crypto kills after the two spot Crypto's saucer. Martha can be killed when she is talking to the police, although her death has no effect on the storyline. Shortly after, the Turnipseed farm is destroyed to remove evidence.


  • Like her husband, her model is the same as the "Farmer's Wife" model seen rarely around Rockwell and beside a farmhouse south of her house on the main highway.
  • During Earth Women Are Delicious!, two Rural Females can be heard chatting about the aftermath of the Turnipseed Farm invasion, where one mentions that the police sent Martha to a mental institution afterwards, where the police called off her report on the invasion. This likely means that letting Martha live is the canon choice.