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KGB Agents

KGB Agents are the main force of the KGB in Destroy All Humans! 2. Voiced by Fred Tatasciore and Jim Meskimen.


KGB agents are basic enemies encountered only in specific areas and missions in each area of the game. They are usually armed with pistols or other conventional guns. Their guns are effective against Cryptosporidium, and they are more immune to Crypto's weapons than basic enemies in areas.


  • Model 1: The basic KGB member has a somewhat pale complexion and has black buzz-cut hair. He wears a gray suit and black shoes. He speaks in a rather pitched voice.
  • Model 2: The second KGB member has a tanned complexion and has blond hair. He wears an identical suit to the black-haired KGB agent. He speaks in a deep voice.


  • "Greetings, comrade, Mother Russia sends her regards".
  • "'No little Furon, I expect you to die".
  • "If we cannot contain the virus, we have no choice but to kill the cure." (A failed method of wording clichés)

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