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The KGB against Crypto

The KGB (Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti or Commitee of State Security) is a Soviet military service, secret police, and intelligence agency that is led by the Soviet Union. The group is the initial antagonist of Destroy All Humans! 2.


In the game, under the leadership of Soviet Premier Milenkov, the KGB starts a revolution to destroy the Furons, specifically Crypto and Pox, who were sent to Earth to collect Furon DNA from human brains. They launch a nuclear missile into space and destroy the Furon Mothership, killing Pox and Gastro, who managed to survive by downloading their consciousness inside Holopox Units. KGB agents attempt to assassinate Crypto in Bay City while he is at a youth convention, but he escapes and recovers Pox and, eventually, Gastro.

Their battle has revealed that they have been trying to spread spores that turn humans into mutants, and that they have come up with a way to turn a summer intern into a giant kaiju monster.

During the conflict between them and the Furons, the latter find out that the KGB have forged an alliance with another alien race called Blisk, who have been manipulating the KGB and the Soviet Union into creating a superweapon called Project Solaris.

At first, it is thought to be a weapon for spreading spores and turning every human into mutant slaves, allowing the Soviet Union and the Blisk to rule the world together. But in reality, Project Solaris' real purpose is to bombard the Earth with massive radiation, killing all of humanity and transforming the planet into a new irradiated ocean paradise for Blisk. Also, with humanity's destruction, they rob the Furons of the DNA supply needed for their very survival. However, thanks to the efforts of Crypto and Natalya Ivanova, their genocidal ambitions are thwarted, and the remaining Blisk were eradicated.

Capabilities and equipment

The KGB's main forces are made up of secret agents that use common pistols and guns, or rocket launchers. They usually drive in black hearses for transport. The heavy artillery they use are tanks, armored transports, missile launchers, EMP devices (almost like the ones used by Majestic in the previous game), and sentry guns.

The Cosmonauts on Solaris use laser guns, rocket launchers, and grenades as standard weapons. They also have tanks, armored transports, surface-to-air rocket launchers, and laser tanks.

They also have access to the Soviet Union's nuclear arsenal, shown when they used a nuclear missile to destroy the Furon Mothership.

Known agents

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