Helicobacter is the head honcho of the cloning industry.



His profession is vivisection on humans to study them. Apparently, he's the only cloner who uses anesthetics and the one who keeps prime human specimens to experiment on. He was the Emperor Meningitis's right hand man (as opposed to Orthopox who was just his "right hand"). Helicobacter also had Nexos to serve as security drones and enforcers. He was lured to Endometriosis by Crypto when Crypto body snatched a worker. Helicobacter was killed after that.

Physical Appearance

His full discription was shown to have one mechanical left eye and one organic green eye. Helicobacter was often hunched over with two long mechanical arms on his back equipped with a syringe on his left arm.


  • "Oh dear. I'll suppose I'll have to run now."
  • "Are you high? Wait...he IS gone!"
  • "Time to get back to buisness...right after Genital Hospital."
  • "Are you kidding? Abducting humans and dissecting their creative parts?! Amazing! So why do you need me right this instant?"