Harold Turnipseed is a farmer that owns Turnipseed Farm


He comes outside, thinking he smells barbecque, when he soon notices Cryptosporidium killing his cows with PK. Harold then tries to kill Crypto with a shotgun, but fails and is killed Crypto's charge of the Zap-O-Matic . He is the first human to be killed in the series. At the end of the mission, the local newspaper posthumously charges him of "cow abuse".


  • "Hmmm, Martha, you didn't tell me we was having barbecue for dinner! Wait a minute, that ain't steak, that's- HOLY MOTHER OF- MARTHA! Give me the shotgun!"


  • He is the default design of the other Farmers who look and sound exactly like him and can be encountered in both Turnipseed Farm and Rockwell.
  • Chronologically and series-wise, he is the first enemy Crypto faces.
  • If the player drowns Harold's body without extracting his brain, the cutscene will still treat Crypto as if he had done so. However, Crypto's Furon DNA count will not go up.