Gastroenteritis 999, was the Furon janitor and cook on the Furon Mothership, before being downloaded into the Furon weapon, Gastro. Appears only in Destroy All Humans! 2.


Gastroenteritis was a pretty lowly Furon, serving as a janitor and cook aboard the Mothership. Relatively little is known about Gastro, aside from the fact he's very cocky and that he possesed a large music collection that had "soul", by Blind Willy Syphilis.

Gastroenteritis was stationed on the Furon Mothership with Orthopox and Cryptosporidium. In 1969, he was killed when the KGB destroyed the Mothership, so he downloaded his consciousness into a Holopox unit, like Orthopox, albeit with weapons. Later in Takoshima, he is found as a weapon inside a datacore.


  • "Go-go Gastro!"
  • "Right, no problem!"
  • "Now you've gone and made me mad!"
  • "Damn, monkey!"
  • "Yeah sure i'll kill them for ya!"
  • "Gastroenteritis 999, reporting for duty!"
  • "I ain't afraid of you monkey!"
  • "Let's do it again!"
  • "I'm about to open up a can of whoopass!"
  • "Your messing with the wrong Furon now."
  • "Beats swapping up the decks for the Hall of Justice, that's for damn sure!"
  • "You want some of this? BAM!"


  • Despite only being a janitor and cook he was cloned more than Cryptosporidium before becoming a weapon.