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Crypto with Gastro

The Gastro gun is a weapon used by Crypto in Destroy All Humans! 2.


The weapon fires a Holo-pod unit which has a hologram of Gastro, the Mothership's janitor, who downloaded his consciousness in a holographic unit when the Mothership was destroyed, just like Orthopox. His unit automatically shoots plasma bolts at Crypto's enemies and also project energy bombs for more damage.


Gastro's datacore is located in the courtyard of Castle Kuro after the Mission Dr. Go! is completed.



Upgrade Requirement Effect
Go! Go! Gastro! 9 Furotech Cells Gastro can hover around
Anti-everything Launcher 14 Furotech Cells,
Gastro's Crustacean Smasher 28 Furotech Cells

Research Datacore



  • It is unknown what happened to Gastro after the extinction of the Blisk. It can be presumed, he was put into stasis by Pox and forgotten. However, it is also possible he perished when Crypto's saucer crashed.
  • Gastro is one of the only weapons, other than the Zap-O-Matic, that is effective at doing sufficient damage to the Blisk.
  • In concept art from the early production days of Destroy All Humans! shows the prototype-Orthopox bares a heavy resemblance to Gastroenteritis.


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