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Emperor Meningitis was the ruler of the Furon Empire.


Meningitis is the 500-year old emperor of the Furon Empire who is found in his summer palace in the Fourth Ring of Furon.

Crypto and Pox attack the summer palace until the Emperor appears on their screen. He kicks them out and puts up an enormous city-shield that they eventually deactivate to get back in the city.

Crypto and Pox plan to get Pox a new body so they can use its biometrics to get into the palace. It was a simian body, due to it being the wrong mold. But they needed a distraction, so they used the angry humans being improsioned in Funky Town Cinemas. The biometrics didn't work, and the human riot was suppressed, so Pox used his monkey body's strength to break down the door.

Meningitis's robot

They approached the Emperor and Crypto was about to have his revenge for seemingly being used by him, until Meningitis brought down his new robotic bust of himself. This bust could shoot powerful bursts of fire, wind, and ice attacks and was connected to a security system that disables all other weapons except his, but with Crypto's Temporal Fist, he disabled the system and utterly destroyed the bust.

Crypto grabbed hold of Meningitis and attempts to interrogate him about his presumed lies and manipulations. But, he turns to dust, due to being 500 years old.



  • "What, who's there? I told you, I don't like cookies! Pox? What have you done with your body? Why are you here?"
  • "Jerkwad? You call me names, you kill my Nexos, you interrupt my special bathtime playsies! What have I, ruler of a thousand worlds, ever done to deserve this treatment?"
  • "I am not a crook, besides, I am Emperor. If I do it, its not illegal."
  • "Careful, I'm 500 years old." (Last words)


Behind the scenes

He is voiced by Nolan North.


  • Some of his sentiments are based on Richard Nixon, such as when he declares 'I am not a crook', before saying that if the Emperor commits a crime, it isn't illegal.
  • In the rough draft for the original Destroy All Humans! Orthopox was originally going to be named "Meningitis", however it was scrapped and he was renamed what "Orthopox". Eventually, the Furon Emperor was soon given the name "Meninigitis."