The East Yakuza, also called the East Tigers, are a mafia group and rivals to the West Yakuza. They are located on the East side of Takoshima City.



The East Yakuza can be identified by their white outfits. Each member can carry an shotgun or rocket launcher. If a West Panther is nearby, they will engage in a firefight.


The East Yakuza was led by Kenji Mojo. They where allies of the West Yakuza until Kenji told the West Yakuza Leader, Yamanosuke Hiroto, that his wife was prettier than his.

Hiroto attempted to lure Mojo into a trap with the help from Cryptosporidium 138, but the the East Yakuza had a mole to fill them in with the info. The East Yakuza would join the army, police, Black Ninjas and fellow gangsters in a battle against the Arkvoodle Cult for their territory.

Both Yakuza factions were dealt a heavy loss when Crypto killed Kenji and Yamanosuke at the KGB's request because they were apparently stealing their thunder as the bad guys. The KGB then took control of both Yakuza factions.