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The Disintegrator Ray is the third weapon Crypto received in Destroy All Humans!.


The Disintegrator is introduced in the first mission of Santa Modesta after you crash the mayor's pool party.

It fires molten balls of energy like an assault rifle (although it is often mistaken for lava/fire). It only takes a few bursts to turn a human into a pile of ashes. He also uses it to destroy obstacles and blow up vehicles.

Obtain Method

In the original Destroy All Humans! and its remake the Disintegrator Ray is given to you by Pox when given the objective to kill police at the end of Alien Pool Party

The weapon in Destroy All Humans! 2 is obtained after defeating Coyote bongwater in his secret hideout via a datacore opposite the tunnel entrance. In the mission They Shoot Hippies, Don't They? it's required to collect to complete the mission and continue the game

During Path of the furon it is acquired to help arkvoodle clear the slot machines around a landing zone


Destroy All humans!

The base weapon has at max capacity 100 ammo and only fires one shot each. There are three upgrades which require 3,400 DNA total to upgrade to the fullest extent.

Upgrade 1: 400 DNA required, Effect: Increases ammo to 125

Upgrade 2: 1,000 DNA required, Effect: Fires two bullets at a time

Upgrade 3: 2,000 DNA required, Effect: Fires three bullets at a time


Destroy All Humans! 2


  • It is wielded by Crypto in the box art of all the games.
  • With the exception of the original game's remake and the second game The Disintegrator is always obtained after the Anal Probe



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