Deep Navel is a Lunarian from Sunnywood.


Deep Navel is a contact of Veronica Stone who Crypto needs to get to Curt Calvin. Deep Navel agrees to help Crypto get to Curt Calvin, if he does a few favors for him. He has Crypto force a scientist named James Grandee to publicly admit that he believes in aliens, make a movie that glorifies aliens, and destroy $1 billion worth of property in Sunnywood, so the Lunarians can construct their buildings over their land.

In an Odd Job, Deep Navel asks Crypto to help him find more recruits for the Lunarian cause, by kidnapping random male civilians and taking them to a bus.

Unfortunately, Deep Navel double-crosses him, because his favors made him Calvin's right-hand man. His fate remains unknown, for it's unclear if he perished during the attack of the Nexo Walker at the Sunnywood Bowl or if he managed to escape.



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