Crypto destroying all humans.

Cryptosporidium is a Furon invader armed with powerful psychic abilities and advanced alien technology, making him an effective soldier of the Furon Empire.

Ground Capabilities

Furons' small and physically frail bodies are unable to last long on a battlefield without assistance. To compensate, Cryptosporidium uses technology when fighting enemies or performing tasks on foot.

Jetpack and Shields

On the battlefield, Crypto's survival can be attributed not only to his array of weaponry, but his two most essential pieces of tactical machinery:

The jetpack provides a great deal of Crypto's mobility. It allows him to ascend to great heights as well as cover ground even faster on land.

His shield generator protects Crypto from damage. It has a limited power supply, however, and sustained damage to the shield puts him at risk of dying. Thankfully, it automatically recharges after not getting hit for a while.


Cryptosporidium-138 with the Zap-O-Matic.

Cryptosporidium's arsenal contains a variety of advanced Furon technology he uses to annihilate his enemies.

Destroy All Humans!

  • Zap-O-Matic: The first weapon Crypto receives, the Zap-O-Matic is capable of directing continuous bolts of electricity at targets to deal damage. Though using this weapon depletes its battery, it recharges rather quickly.
  • Anal Probe: The Anal Probe does what the name implies. It launches a probe that lodges itself into a human's unmentionables, extracting their brainstem. This weapon has a limited number of probes that you must either wait to recover, or, starting from Destroy All Humans! 2, recharge with ammo pickups.
  • Disintegrator Ray: The Disintegrator Ray allows Crypto to fire molten balls of plasma energy at enemies. Its time to kill humans and destroy vehicles is far quicker than the Zap-O-Matic, but has limited ammo that must be collected around the battlefield and through transmogrification.
  • Ion Detonator: The Ion Detonator launches a powerful bomb that explodes after either manual detonation or a brief countdown, vaporizing humans and vehicles in its wake. Like the Disintegrator Ray, it has limited ammo.

Destroy All Humans! 2

  • Dislocator: The Dislocator launches purple gravity-defying disks capable of bouncing victims off walls and other objects. Like the Zap-O-Matic and the original Anal Probe, it regenerates its ammo.
  • Meteor Strike: The Meteor Strike sends huge chunks of rock towards the surface of the planet, causing catastrophic damage. Crypto's sole non-saucer weapon that's capable of leveling buildings.
  • Gastro: Launches a hologram unit with the Furon motherships' janitor and cook Gastroenteritis' consciousness installed on it. This hologram unit distracts enemies with plasma bolts and bombs, acting as a sort of mobile turret.
  • Burrow Beast: Lobs out a lure that attracts a ravenous underground worm that eats anybody nearby. The lure can be psychokinetically moved or transmogrified. This weapon can only be unlocked after finding 30 alien artifacts and completing all Cult of Arkvoodle missions.

Destroy All Humans!: Big Willy Unleashed

  • Ball Lightning: The Ball Lightning launches a slow-moving ball of electricity capable of zapping mutiple enemies at once.
  • Zombie Gun: The Zombie Gun's blasts turn humans into ravenous zombies that attack and try to infect other humans.
  • Shrink Ray: The Shrink Ray... shrinks things! Revolutionary, isn't it?

Destroy all Humans!: Path of the Furon

  • Superballer: Similar to the Dislocator, the Superballer picks things up and bounces them around. Unlike the Dislocator, however, it bounces things along an arc instead of in a line.
  • Venus Human Trap: The Venus Human Trap launches a plant spore that grows into a ravenous plant monster that eats people and vehicles - similar to the Burrow Beast. Unlike the Burrow Beast, however, this monster is stationary and cannot be moved.
  • Black Hole Gun: The Black Hole Gun creates a... you guessed it! A black hole at a designated location, which pulls in anything nearby before exploding.

Destroy All Humans!: Crypto Does Vegas

  • Gloom Gun: The Gloom Gun stuns humans with purple beams of petrifying depression.
  • Plasma Blaster: The Plasma Blaster creates a large stream of scorching plasma capable of vaporizing many targets at once.
  • Disintegrator Grenades: As implied by its name, the Disintegrator Grenades completely destroy any humans caught in its blast.

Mental Abilities

Crypto's mental powers.

The Furons' unique genetic makeup and mastery over bioengineering has lead them to develop potent psychic abilities, of which Cryptosporidium is quite fluent. In Destroy All Humans!, the ability to use these mental abilities was limited by concentration, but this has changed throughout the series.

Alongside Orthopox's genetic augmentation, Crypto also improves the power of his mental abilities in Path of the Furon through the Master's training.

  • Cortex Scan: Allows Crypto to peer into the minds of humans and read their thoughts. Usually makes Crypto's disguise abilities last longer, and depending on the game may be unusable outside of said disguise ability.
  • Psychokinesis: Shortened to "PK," psychokinesis allows Crypto to manipulate humans and objects throughout the environment. This can be used in combat, to get to new areas, and to put things in specific spots.
    • PK Hold: Levitating and manipulating an object using PK.
    • PK Throw: Throwing an object using PK.
    • Brain Extract: Using PK to make a target's head explode, killing them instantly and extracting their brainstem to collect their DNA.
    • Transmogrify: Using PK to break down objects into ammunition to replenish weapons. In Path of the Furon, Crypto can use this ability on humans, filling the role of the Brain Extract ability.
    • PK MagnetAttracting objects and humans in range toward the one currently being PK Held. Used only in Path of the Furon.
  • Hypnotize: Allows Crypto to implant mental commands in humans' minds in order to force them to do his bidding.
    • Forget: Making a single human forget awareness of Crypto.
    • Free Love/Disco Fever: Making a group of humans dance, causing them to forget about Crypto and get distracted. Used in Destroy All Humans! 2 and Path of the Furon respectively.
    • Follow/Protect: Forcing a target to follow you and fight against enemies.
  • Mind Flash: Allows Crypto to paralyze every NPC in the world and completely lower the Alert Level. Can only be recharged by consuming human brainstems.
  • Temporal Fist: The most advanced Furon mental ability. With guidance from the Master, this ability lets Crypto stop time itself. As Crypto trains, he can do more while using this power. Used only in Path of the Furon.


Despite Crypto's penchant for ultraviolence, there are times when he needs to blend in with the humans in the environment.

  • Holobob: Used in Destroy All Humans!, the Holobob allows Crypto to project a holographic disguise that gradually drains concentration. Majestic agents are able to see through this disguise, as well.
  • Body Snatch: Used in subsequent entries, Body Snatch allows Crypto to invade a human's body directly. Over time, the human host's health depletes, and once it has been reduced to zero, Crypto is forced out.


The first Saucer.

The new Saucer.

The Saucer is Crypto's spaceship and his most effective tool against the human race. It serves as his transportation across Earth and space, allows him to abduct humans to capture, store, and harvest. It is armed with weapons of mass destruction that allow him to vaporize more numerous and much larger threats than on foot - not to mention destroy buildings and level cities.

After the destruction of the Furon Mothership, the Saucer now serves as Crypto and Pox's primary method of transportation, complete with a cloning chamber, onboard laboratory, and other essential features.

In Path of the Furon, Crypto crashed the ship in front of the Space Dust casino after piloting it while under the influence. He now pilots a new and more advanced model built by Pox.

Weapons & Functions

  • Death RayThe Saucer's standard weapon, the Death Ray, fires a superheated beam that can level buildings and incinerate enemies on the ground. Like the Zap-O-Matic, it does not need ammo, but instead recharges between uses.
  • Sonic Boom: The Sonic Boom shoots powerful, anti-matter globules at targets, creating devastating shockwaves that cause damage to anything nearby. Requires ammo pickups.
  • Quantum Deconstructor: Crypto's most powerful weapon, the Quantum Deconstructor fires a powerful quantum payload that explodes into a massive shockwave, vaporizing everything in its radius. Usually requires ammo pickups.
  • Abducto Beam: The Abducto Beam essentially serves as PK for the Saucer. It allows Crypto to pick up and throw people and objects, as well as other things.
    • Drain: In Destroy All Humans!, the Saucer's hull could only be repaired by collecting special pickups. From the next game onwards, you could use Drain to absorb health directly from other vehicles.
    • Transmogrify: Similar to the mental ability of the same name, Transmogrify allows Crypto to convert objects into ammunition for the Saucer. Appears from the second game onward.
  • Cloak: Starting from the second game onward, the Saucer can use Cloak to become invisible, and therefore impossible to be targeted by enemy forces.

In addition to the standard weapons displayed above, the Saucer will be outfitted with new weapons that it will be able to use in different games, as shown below:

  • Anti-Gravity Field: This weapon creates a small point of intense gravity, which pulls any objects, including humans, into it before exploding and destroying anything near it. Used only in Destroy All Humans! 2.
  • Electro-Cone: The Saucer's best anti-personnel weapon. It generates a highly charged electric field that generates a storm of lightning bolts at any and all ground objects and people beneath the Saucer. This weapon has a limited charge, needs to cool down for a moment after prolonged use, and does the most damage when flying near the ground. Appears only in Big Willy Unleashed.
  • Seeker Drones: This weapon launches missiles that home in on targets. It is used to lock on to and take out airborne targets like helicopters, Nexo saucers, etc. The missiles are bright and presumably plasma/electricity or other energy-based weapons. Only appears in Path of the Furon.
  • Plasma Cannons: These are the miniguns of the Saucer. The cannons have a high rate of fire and can demolish buildings faster than the Death Ray. Found only in Path of the Furon.
  • Tornadotron: A very powerful weapon that allows Crypto to create and guide tornado storms. It can even be controlled even while cloaked, letting him wreak havoc without revealing himself to the humans. Appears only in Path of the Furon.


Like all Furons, his genetic signature is logged into his race's cloning banks, which is used to instantly produce clones of Cryptosporidium. Whenever Crypto is killed in battle, the cloning chamber he has inside of his Saucer instantly brings him back to life in a clone body with his memories and personality intact, and will repeat every time he dies. This grants him virtual immortality and unstoppable resilience, as he can never truly die from conventional means.

He can also use the cloning chamber to duplicate human beings as well, such as Natalya after she was killed by Milenkov, during which he made adjustments to her personality as well.

Other Equipment

Big Willy

Appearing only in the game Big Willy Unleashed, Big Willy is a giant mech robot built by Pox using inefficient Earth machinery, but armed with weapons comparable to the Saucer's.

Big Willy is virtually invulnerable thanks to a special alloy in his armor and has immense strength, his only weakness being his battery. If Crypto doesn't provide it with a steady supply of Furon DNA, its systems will shut down. Thankfully, when it shuts down, it can be recharged by weapons that generate electricity, like the Zap-O-Matic or Ball Lightning. 

Big Willy is outfitted with three dangerous weapons, all of which drain the battery with their use.

  • Regurgitron: This weapon allows Big Willy to spew acid from his mouth that destroys objects in its path. It is the robot's weakest weapon, barely drains the battery, and only affects objects and vehicles that are in front of Big Willy.
  • Heat Beam: The only weapon that can be used while moving. Big Willy shoots laser eye beams that can destroy buildings, but prolonged use drains the battery faster.
  • Windbreaker: The most powerful and most outrageous weapon of all which emits a shockwave from Big Willy's behind. It can destroy buildings on contact, but drains the battery drastically.

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