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Citizen Crypto
Citizen Crypto Titlecard.png
Citizen Crypto
Vital statistics
Level Level 3
Location Rockwell
Rewards New Mission Unlocked
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Earth Women Are Delicious Alien Pool Party

Citizen Crypto is the third storyline mission of Destroy All Humans!. It is unlocked after completing Earth Women Are Delicious


Crypto is sent by Orthopox to a nearby farmland in Rockwell to investigate high radioactivity levels emitting from cows in the area. After landing, the Furon scans a few of the cows minds, discovering that the cows have been genetically altered to become radioactive zombie cows by nearby scientists.

Pox orders Crypto to kill the scientists. Upon killing the scientists, Crypto alerts the nearby mayor of Rockwell talking to a police officer, causing the flee the scene and order a town meeting to explain the recent events. Crypto heads over to the town's hall, where he finds the mayor asking an officer for the police chief. Crypto hypnotizes the mayor to sleep and disguises himself as him

Outside the town hall, citizens nearby talk about the events that have happened in Rockwell over the past few days, such as the radioactive cows and the disappearance of Miss Rockwell. Disguised as the mayor, the Furon goes onto the stage, greeting the citizens and telling them that nothing has happened.

However, a farmer asks the mayor about the radioactive glows coming from the cows. Crypto manages to win the vote from the audience (by telling them that the cows have been probed, or lying that the glow is natural) and convinces them that the supposed flying saucer sightings did not happen, as well as blaming the events on something else such as scientists or communists. Crypto also manages to deny alien involvement over the destruction of the fairground (either by making an empty promise or blaming it on bad luck), as well as discrediting a nearby area called Santa Modesta, which has not experienced similar events.

After managing to deny alien involvement in the town's current events, Crypto leaves the area after telling the audience that nothing suspicious has went on in Rockwell. Leaving, Crypto ditches his disguise, talking to Pox through a Holopox Unit. Pox informs Crypto that a citizen told the mayor about a nearby area called Santa Modesta, which Pox believes has other human activity going on, and tells Crypto to find its location.


The mission Alien Pool Party in Santa Modesta is unlocked after completing this mission with a total of 500 Furon DNA.


  • The mission's title is a reference to 1941 American mystery drama film Citizen Kane.
  • This is the only mission where scientists spawn in Rockwell.
  • The loading screen on the 2020 remake is a reference to the 1956 Sci-Fi/Horror film, Invasion of the Body Snatchers.