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Capitol City

Capitol City is the final invasion site in the first Destroy All Humans! game. 


This is the capital city for all of America. It is home to the Octagon (parody of the Pentagon), the White House, and the Lincoln Memorial.

Pox and Crypto tracked down General Armquist to this area. They assumed they would find his secret base here, but he planned to meet with his leader, the "President". Crypto goes to the White House while disguised and finds a group of scientists. Crypto reads their minds and one of them says something about Armquist and a "Blue Rider" password. Pox eventually detects military bases. Now that he has the password, he can persuade the guards to admit him inside (or just hypnotize the guard). He listens in on a conversation between Armquist and Silhouette. Silhouette plans to unite the defense branches under the Majestic, on the "President's authority". Armquist thinks he is crazy for thinking that the Joint Chiefs will just give up and let them take over. Silhouette asserts his authority and orders him to convince them to. Having got what they came for, Pox orders Crypto back to the Saucer, only to discover that it is surprisingly trying to be stolen by humans. Crypto takes care of them and easily prevents the theft attempt.

Later, Crypto tracks down and manages to successfully assassinate President Huffman. He then kills all of the senators who plan to vote on a new leader (Crypto was confused on why doesn't the Vice-President become the President), so without direction, the humans will have to surrender to them now. Then, he destroys tesla coils similar to the ones in Area 42, crippling their defenses even further.

Lastly, in the final battle, Crypto destroys the Majestic superweapon, the Roboprez with his Saucer, and finally defeats and kills the Majestic leader, Silhouette, securing their dominance over the planet Earth.