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Burrow Beast

The Burrow Beast is an unlockable weapon in Destroy All Humans! 2.


The gun launches out a lure (which can be charged to go further) causing an underground worm demon to chase and devour the target(s) that are near the lure. The lure can also be moved with PK or transmogrified (which yields huge amounts of ammo for other weapons in the game). It is not effective against buildings, bosses, vehicles, or anything other than humans or common enemies. This weapon can instantly kill Blisk Warriors when devoured, something that usually takes great effort for just one.

This is the "super weapon" that Shama Llama tells Crypto about and is the game's Hidden Weapon made available after finding 30 Alien Artifacts and completing all Arkvoodle Cult missions. It's only appearance is in Destroy All Humans! 2.

The Burrow Beast has presumably been dormant since Arkvoodle's arrival to Earth, although it is unknown what happened to it after the events of the game. It can be assumed that it returned to Arkvoodle and went back to sleep.



  • This weapon has been known to devour teammates in co-op play.
  • Before giving it to Crypto, Arkvoodle enjoyed the Burrow Beast's snoring, because it was relaxing and helped him sleep.
  • The Burrow Beast bares a striking resemblance to the Graboid worm creatures from the Tremors franchise.

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