A Blisk Mutant is the result of a Blisk spore infecting a host. It is a heavily-armored organic lifeform (usually a mutated human). They appear as a common enemy in Destroy All Humans! 2.


The first Blisk Mutant appears in the abandoned tunnel networks in Albion after Agent Oranchov mutates into one using Blisk Spores. They are later seen again when the KGB attempt to place them around Albion disguised as Soviet artwork. Crypto later manages to stop the mutants in Albion and later Takoshima, although they appear indefinitely in Tunguska and Solaris.

Blisk Mutants have the ability to spit out spore blasts from their mouths, and have extremely durable skin that is highly resistant to Furon weaponry, and when in close combat, they use their sharp and deadly claws to down their opponents, and when they are killed, or cured with the Anal Probe, the Blisk Spores are released from the body.

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