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      Blastomycosis, known as Blasto for short, is the son of Cryptosporidium and Natalya Ivanova. He appears in Big Willy Unleashed



Blasto is half-Human and half-Furon. He is very tall, has a large cranium, bright blue eyes, brown hair that is shaped like Natalya's (Crypto mentions that he has his mother's hair), and a high pitched voice.


He carries an Ion Detonator, a Disintegrator, and flies with a Furon Jetpack. He acquires these things when he asks Natalya for them. She takes them from Crypto and gives them to Blasto, thinking that he is reaching out to his father, when he really is trying to hurt him out of anger for abandoning him.


In the game, Blasto makes life difficult for Crypto by messing up his assassinations by killing the final targets before Crypto with his Ion Detonator. He does this first in Harbor City, then Fairfield. He makes contact with him at Fantasy Atoll, and Crypto assumes that Natalya has gone crazy and this guy is a hired assassin. He lures him out in Vietmahl where they fight each other, with Crypto being the victor.

When Crypto is about to finish him, Natalya calls him and tells him everything; after Crypto tampered with her DNA so that she wouldn't be able to resist him and cloned her, Blasto was born, but he has a certain hatred toward his father for abandoning him. Crypto suddenly starts acting like the father he should have been years ago and spares his life. Blasto leaves, but he leaves behind an Ion Detonator bomb at Crypto's feet, which Crypto responds with anger before it blows up in his face. He is never heard from again after this.


  • "I'm no son of yours, you alien deadbeat!"
  • "Does this... Does this mean you're letting me go?"
  • "You won't regret this for as long as you live... Dad. Goodbye!"


  • Despite apparently being a teenager, he was roughly born sometime in 1969 and Big Willy Unleashed takes place in 1975, which would only actually make him six years old. It's likely his hybrid genes could have accelerated his age, but this has never been proven.