Belleville is the fourth location in Path of the Furon.


In the first mission, Crypto destroys the Francodyne Building in the financial district. He then terrorizes the scientists by threatening them with their own pathological fears. Crypto finds out the location of Henri Crousteau, the leader of Francodyne.

In the second, Crypto infiltrates Chateau Crousteau by posing as one of the Francodyne scientists. Once inside, he scans scientists until he finds the entertainment, Marcel Marcel. Crypto then bodysnatches Marcel Marcel and addresses the audience by repeatedly insulting them. Crypto drops his disguise and speaks with Crousteau, who sends out his guards to kill Crypto. Crypto kills the guards and tries to pursue Crousteau but, he escapes. Pox reveals that Crousteau wants to eliminate the Furon DNA from the human genome, which in turn will doom the Furons to extinction.

Crypto delays the DNA virus manufacture when he destroys a museum of priceless art, starts a union strike in Francodyne, and destroys the Nexo cloning lab.

When he kills the Nexo Walkers carrying the virus, he investigates the Belleville Tower were he fights Crousteau who is inside a giant Nexo squid. He defeats it and has Crousteau at his mercy. Crousteau apologizes if he disrupted his life cycle and tells him that the Nexos who attacked the Space Dust were rogues that responded to a signal that came from Furon. Crousteau then dies on the ground. Crypto concludes that the conspirator is Emperor Meningitis himself. He and Pox go back home to the Fourth Ring of Furon.


Belleville Tower - The Belleville Tower is an obvious parody of the Eiffel Tower. Civilians can usually be found walking underneath it. The tower itself is the site of a major battle between Crypto and Henri Crosteau, who is in a gigantic Nexo squid and is nearly destroyed in the process.

Francodyne Industries (Cloning Lab)- The industry building where Francodyne is located. Crypto destroys it in the mission Attack of the Cloning Lab.

Chateau Crousteau - Chateau Crousteau (later Orthopox Manor) is the manor of Henri Crousteau, Crypto infiltrates it and attempts to kill Crousteau when he is in the Chateau. In one of the odd jobs, Pox orders Crypto to get rid of the Francodyne Defenses that protect the Chateau so it can be controlled by the Furons.

Arc de Triomphe- This is the place where the union workers gather and Crypto has to cause a riot. It is obviously the same as it is in the real world. It can be seen in the picture above.

Musee de Belleville - The museum. Crypto destroys it to prevent Crousteau from taking the chemicals from the paintings to make Nexos.

Francodyne Tower - The company building that Crypto must destroy in the first mission, to take down Frankodyne's finances.


  • Belleville is obviously a parody of Paris, France.