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Armquit Vs. The Furons!
Armquist Vs The Furons Titlecard.png
Armquist Vs. The Furons!
Vital statistics
Level Level 18
Location Union Town
Rewards New Mission Unlocked
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Mr. Crypto Goes To Capitol City

The Lone Gunman

Armquist Vs. The Furons! is the nineteenth storyline mission of Destroy All Humans!. It is unlocked after completing Mr. Crypto Goes To Capitol City. The mission counts as the first boss fight in the game.


Orthopox tells Crypto that Armquist is returning to Union Town with meet up with his fellow generals to convince them to take action against the alien invasion. He tells him to follow Armquist's limousine to the meeting and then take him out after convincing the generals not to go ahead with Armquist's plan. Once Armquist arrives at the meeting area in the north of Union Town. Crypto is then ordered by Pox to disguise as the Navy general and pose as him in Holobob.

Once Crypto has disguised himself as the general and has hypnotized him to sleep, he enters the meeting with Armquist and the military general and air force general. Armquist then proceeds to tell the evidence of the "communist spies" attacks on the United States, starting off with an attack on a fairground, and the kidnap of a beauty pageant winner in "the heartland". The disguised Navy general ridicules Armquist's paranoia, pointing out that teenagers may have accidentally set fire to the fairground. The Army general agrees, and proceeds to leave with his troops.

Armquist then informs of an attempted assassination attempt of him using a nuclear explosive at Area 42. Crypto ridicules his paranoia, claiming he is taking the attacks too personal. This manages the air field general to leave as well. An angered Armquist then confronts the Navy general, only for Crypto to remove his disguise. He orders his troops to commence attack on Crypto while running away, although he manages to follow him after taking out his troop. Armquist then arrives in a large mech suit, taunting Crypto.

Eventually, Crypto manages to overpower Armquist after a lengthy battle, destroying his suit. Crypto then proceeds to lie to Armquist, claiming that the Furons only wanted peace between the humans, and that they could have been together if they had not gotten into a war. Armquist then proceeds to lament that at the end of the day, he is really a human. Crypto then fires a shot at him with his Disintegrator Ray, killing Armquist. A newspaper report at the end of the mission informs that Armquist was a Russian spy killed in a failed coup d'etet attempt.


The mission The Lone Gunman in Capitol City is unlocked after completing this mission.


  • Despite Crypto killing Armquist with his Disintegrator Ray, the newspaper image shows Armquist's corpse lying dead on the ground.
  • In the remake, Crypto takes on the Army General's appearance, rather than the Navy Admiral, correcting the mistake where Armquist refers to an officer in the Navy as a general (a rank which does not exist.)