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The Anal Probe is one of the many weapons Crypto's uses, It's been used throughout all the Destroy All Humans! games.

Description and Effects

This weapon, when used, will drill into a human's anus and make his head explode, extracting the brain stem for obtaining Furon DNA along with obtaining the Mind Flash The Anal Probe is portrayed in different ways throughout each game, with each one upgrading its capabilities.



The Anal Probe in the first game is a small, black gun with a green blob on the back. It works by being charged and then shot at a human. A fully charged shot can send a civilian or a policeman running before their heads explode, allowing Crypto to collect the brain stems. Two fully charged shots are needed to take down a soldier, whereas three shots are needed to take down a Majestic agent or a Psi-Mutant. It does not require ammo and is the only weapon that cannot be upgraded by Pox. For immediate extraction then charging it up is necessary.


In the second game, the Anal Probe looks the same as before but now requires ammo. Setting the trend for the next installments, the Anal Probe can instantly kill a human. Human brains can still be collected, though it is only for energy used for Crypto's Mind Flash. Using the weapon on a Blisk Mutant extracts its spores and turns it back into its human form. Upgrading it increases the ammo.

Big Willy Unleashed

In the third game, the Anal Probe gains a new look, resembling a bowcaster. This Anal Probe doesn't need ammo since any shots fired return when the target's brain stem has been ripped out. Upgrading it allows for more shots to be fired while also gaining the ability to actually bring the stems to Crypto.

Path of the Furon

In the fourth game, the Anal Probe gains another new look, now dubbed the Orthopox AP-77 Anal Probe, and now resembles a grenade launcher. This Anal Probe requires ammo once again, but is able to lock on to multiple human targets. Unlike previous incarnations. which does no damage against bosses, this one can.

Obtainment Method

Destroy All Humans

After completing Destination Earth it is given to you however the textbox will only show up after you've landed the saucer for the first time.


Pox gives it to you shortly after starting Aliens Stole My Brain Stem!

Destroy All Humans! 2

Halfway through the tunnels where the mission No Pox, Please - We're British! takes place while fighting through the tunnel near Hade Park Pox alerts you to a datacore. Retrieving it unlocks the Anal Probe.

Destroy All Humans! Big Willy Unleased

Given during Big Willy's Is People after being told to use it.

Destroy All Humans! Path Of The Furon

The final objective of Always Bet On Grey has Pox telling you to get on top of The Space Dust after which he explains its functions before asking you to pick it up, ending the mission


Keep in mind that the Anal Probe is unable to be upgraded in anyway In the original Destroy All Humans

DAH! Remake

In the remake the Anal Probe in it's base form has 1 shot with a slow cooldown for another use. It has six upgrades requiring (total number) DNA to fully upgrade. Once fully upgraded it has 2 ammo, a lower cooldown between uses, the ability to probe 2 targets at once and a chance to probe a second target after the first.

DAH! 2

The Anal probe during Destroy All Humans! 2 in it's un-upgraded state it's ammo is 3. Unlike most weapons it only has two upgrades requiring (total number) Furotech Cells to fully upgrade. After upgrading to it's max it has 9 ammo at max

Upgrade Requirements Effect
Rectal Packager 10 furotech Cells Max capacity increases to 7




  • If Silhouette is hit roughly 22 times with the probe in the original she will be defeated. She will also not reset the damage done with it through healing (Needs Fact check)
    • If her brain is collected is will be worth 200 DNA
  • The probe's function to probe two targets at once in the remake is taken from Path Of The Furon where you would be able to do the same
  • If an enemy is hypnotized in the first game they only require 1 full charge to extract no matter what